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what are current job prospects like

Hi, I am a student at Job Corps. I am taking the office administration career #office #administration #office-administration #career.

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3 answers

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Ed’s Answer

Infinite. Administration is such a wide and foundational need for any business that what I would do is 'try' while you're still young. By trying I mean

- Look for any job, ANY job. It will give you perspective on how it is to have goals, have a boss, work for the others, see the behind the scenes of a business, etc
- It will pretty quickly tell you what you're good at / bad at and what you like / dislike (i.e talk to customers, assemble stuff)
- Try to apply what you're learning from school into your job. See how much of the theory applies to practice

That will naturally lead you into prospects :)

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C’s Answer

Hi Brianna

If you have a foundation of basic office administration skills it opens you up to a wide variety of roles. The list is endless. Administrative skills and organisations skills are really sought after from companies. It takes time to develop these skills through day to day tasks and of course some outside classes if needed such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint. Jobs in both the public and private sector, in large scale companies and small scale. In the medical field, law, sales, technology...basically in every job sector you can think of. You can work in a job as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, Events Management, Medical Secretary. And there is also the change to really get involved in other projects when you are an administrator. It is a great role and one where career progression is huge. Good luck.

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Edward’s Answer

2 out of 2 Ed's Agree!


Learning hard skills such as Excel, Power-Point, Google suite, Outlook, Gmail... all of those will be a boon to the start of your career. My advice is to continue to develop those hard skills as your career progresses. If you love office work, take advanced Excel courses, dive into SQL data bases, learn about Tableau. Maybe a few marketing or finance courses. You'll become invaluable anywhere and in any office space.

Companies are starving, hungry and paying exceedingly well for individuals who own these job skills. There are always reports to be created, conferences to schedule, and various presentation decks to be made in any company.

Sky is the limit!