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What things should I know before becoming a PRIVATE DETECTIVE/INVESTIGATOR ?

I am still in high school and i want to decide what career path should i take. Now, I decided to be a DETECTIVE without becoming a POLICE OFFICER. So, I chose becoming a PRIVATE DETECTIVE.
I wanna learn more about this career like what would be the risks? or something like that. I really wanna know more. Tips and advice would be nice <3 #criminal-justice #detective #privateinvestigator #privatedetective

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Zakura, here in the states, most private investigators, start out as police officers, but not all. In my opinion, the best PI school is: Boston University and you can take it online.

It can be dangerous, because you will do a lot of undercover work. People hire you to spy on other people. You may have to enter shady areas to get to the truth about an investigation and you won’t always have a back up, like the police do. That can be exciting, for some and terrifying, for others. The ability to blend in and be sneaky are essential. Taking acting classes can help!

David recommends the following next steps: All the qualifications are on there.
Thank you comment icon I have more question :) Is this career hard for a woman like me? Is becoming a private investigator a good choice? Is becoming a PI without becoming a police officer first is easier? Do PIs hold gun? When you become a PI, will the salary be okay? hehe Zakura
Thank you comment icon No, it’s easier for a woman. You blend in better and look less suspicious. Yes, this is a very good choice in my opinion. Being in police patrol or not, shouldn’t matter much, if your heart is in this. Some PIs here in the states, carry a gun, w a permit I believe. Just from the potential danger! As far as the salary, I don’t know. Call the school in Boston. They can tell you. They are very nice! David George
Thank you comment icon uhmm, i have another question in mind. Do female college students taking criminal justice have to cut their hair? :) BTW, thank you for answering some of my questions. It really helped me a lot :) Zakura
Thank you comment icon Not here in the states. I’ve never heard a female criminal justice student or police cadet ever tell me they had to cut their hair. They may have to pin it up or pony tail it. In the Philippines, I’m not sure. David George
Thank you comment icon Google: Philippines- ICS since 1967 Private Investigator David George
Thank you comment icon I'm currently researching about being a PI (it's currently past 3am here and i'm still not done searching hehe) but still, my researches are confusing me. To become a PI, i have to take Bachelor of Science (BS): Criminal Justice. Then according to what i researched, students may have the option of selecting an area of concentration such as corrections, juvenile justice or loss prevention. It's confusing me lol. After choosing criminal justice, I have to select an area of concentration (but it's optional)? Which area of concentration would be best fit to be a PI? And after choosing criminal justice, do you have to pick an area of expertise? I need like full understanding in criminal justice. Zakura
Thank you comment icon Okay, since I’m not in the Phillipines, I cannot give you an honest answer. PIs here, pretty much do it all. From fraud, to missing persons and cold cases. There are a few PIs here who are psychics like me. And our area of concentration, is mostly missing persons and cold case homicide. David George
Thank you comment icon I spelled Philippines wrong. My apologies! David George
Thank you comment icon it's okay if you misspelled it haha. BTW, your answers really helped me a lot today :) but what if you don't have any area of concentration? Zakura
Thank you comment icon It took me eight years, to figure out mine. I did not start out as missing persons consultant. If you focus on the classes., the area of concentration, usually comes there. Like medical students. David George
Thank you comment icon ohhh.....So what if your area of concentration is missing people, do you also take jobs other than missing people like following someone or background checks? Is it okay for a PI to have hair color other than black or brown (example: pink or blue hair color)? Zakura
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Cynthia’s Answer

Hi Zakura,

The qualifications for Private Investigator vary by state here in the United States. Each country has its own laws as well. You should research the qualifications first, and look for Criminal Justice or Justice Studies classes.

The risks for private investigator also vary by location and specific job related responsibilities.

I wish you all the best!

Cynthia Hodges

Cynthia recommends the following next steps:

Research Private Investigator Qualifications by law.
Thank you comment icon Thank you very much for answering my question :) this really helped me a lot about understanding what i wanted to know :) Zakura