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I am a senior in high school and I’ve had my mind set to being a PI. Tonight I just researched more and found out a detective and a PI is totally different. I have no interest in college I just want to go right into my career. Is it best to go to the police academy? Also what about the army could I get into being a detective easier if I go to the army?

I am a female in a small city and I want to move to a bigger city and accomplish my career. #career-paths #detective #private-investigator

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3 answers

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Dahyun’s Answer

As I know, being police is different to city by city. In NY, have to graduate over 2years colleage but In LA u can apply graduate high school.
Also Chicago have to graduate over 3 years college
So first choose the city and check the requirements. and then prepare requirements one by one. check the detail one as below :

NY : ​
Chicago :
LA sheriff : http://lasdcareers.org/essential_grid/requirements/#:~:text=Be%20at%20least%2019.5%20years,U.S.%20high%20school%20proficiency%20test

Go to army is up to you but it will take some years, I hope the best choice in your situation.

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F. Alexandra’s Answer

Congratulations on your choice of career. I was a police officer in Los Angeles for over 20 years. It's true you only need a high school diploma to enter the police academy but recently many departments are prefer college degrees. The military helps with selection for the academy. Once you graduate the academy, you WILL NOT go straight to detective you will have to do patrol time or corrections if Sheriff. How long depends on departments. Then you can become a detective. However you do not need to be a detective or police officer to be a private investigator, you only need to pass the certification exam and background. You will be more credible and marketable with law enforcement background and connections, something to think about. Good Luck

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James’s Answer

You can go directly to the police academy, without any prior college. But if Detective is your goal, just know that as you go through the ranks in the police department, it helps if you have some college. As for the military, there are paths for law enforcement. But you will either do patrol or corrections. You wouldn't be able to attempt to be an investigator until near the end of your first enlistment, at the earliest. The military can get you tremendous return on investment, it just might take a little bit to see that return.