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My goal is to become a software engineer, what should I do?

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I am studying my 10th std. What courses/classes should I take next on my road to becoming a software engineer? #educator #computer-software #computer #software

5 answers

Joe’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee
Of course start learning what it takes to code and develop applications...there are thousands of online courses you can start today (with your parent's permission of course). What I found to be lacking in the tool-bag of many developers is their inability to listen and interact with the end-users on what problems need to be solved. It may be extremely cool for an application to do certain functions...especially to the developer. But cool doesn't normally solve the users problems. That's why it is also important to be able to effectively listen and interact with the users.

NAVEEN’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi Chaitra. I am assuming that you need to know how you can become a software engineer. I see that you are still studying in Bangalore. First step is to enrol yourself to the Science Branch of the PUC college. After your PUC or 12 there is an entrance test for engineering colleges to which you can appear. If you do well in those tests you will be given rankings based on your performance. Based on your ranking you will be able to join the engineering colleges. There are a plenty of colleges in Karnataka that you can choose from based on your ranking. Of course there are other colleges like the IIT's if you are really good to join as well. They may be having different entrance test's.

All the best.!!!

Sudha’s Answer

Hello Chaitra, I can relate to your question well as I am also from Bangalore and am a computer software engineer. 10th grade is a great time to plan and pursue your dream career. First, I would suggest focusing on PCM subjects and work hard to get good marks in those subjects. If you get good marks in the finals and pass the state wide entrance exam with flying colors, you can possibly get into engineering in the city. Most of the work you will be doing as a computer science specialist is programming. I would recommend taking online courses (free ones) to get a feel for what is involved. Best Wishes! Stay focused and persevere. You will get there....

Theodora’s Answer

Hi Chaitra R, Do you want to become a software engineer, software delveoper, or something else? Can you clarify a bit more and what you majored in and what youre interests are. Thank you, Theodora

Absar Ul’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi Chaitra,

Since everyone has told you about how to get into the good college, I will be suggesting to start learning Data structure and algorithms course, that will help you much as a software engineer/developer.

Additionally you can learn a competitive programming in order to pursue software developer as a career, in any choice of language that you want to.

Hope this helps.