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Did you ever feel discouraged during medical school? If so, when and how did you overcome it?

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5 answers

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Sarah’s Answer

Medical School is very challenging. There is a huge volume of information to learn, the classes are demanding, and once you get into clinicals the hours are very different from what you are used to.

Just about every medical student will have challenges as some point, either with a particular class or with a rotation.

The most important things to help get you through are the following.

1. Pick a hobby (just 1) and continue it through medical school. Having something to do for a few hours a week will help you remain balanced. Recognize that you may have less time for it at certain times, but having a way to relieve stress is important.

2. Talk to your co students about struggles. It may appear that everyone has it together, but everyone struggles at some point. Recognizing this and asking others for help is huge and something you will need to rely on through your career.

3. If you are having a particularly hard time, access resources through your school. Medical schools want their students to be successful and have resources in place to help. Tutors, mental health experts, and simply other students who have been there before you.

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Reba’s Answer

Hi Savannah,

I am glad to help you if I can. It is not really my academic area, but I will give you what I can suggest.
I have never attended medical school, but I am in a Ph.D program and yes I did feel discouraged.
I first I found a mentoring group on FB or on Meetup. I also found videos on Youtube or others in the program and reached out to them on Twitter and they responded and a gave me survival tips.
I also took a day that I did a fun thing like dance class, etc where my mind had a complete rest from school.
What things are you feeling discouraged about?
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Medic.Students/

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Nivetha’s Answer

Even though this is not my area I can give some suggestions based on experience my friends had. Being in a medical school is always a challenging task to overcome and is never easy. If you feel discouraged about getting stressed all the time try to focus your mind on other things like your favourite hobby. Always remember you might not be the only one going through this phase. Find people and discuss about how you feel when you are low. Talk to your friends and family whenever you are feeling low. Get time management tips from your seniors. Healthy eating habits and sleeping will help feel you energetic when you are burned out. Always remember your end goal and keep going.

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Richard’s Answer

Time management is key. Between lecture, lab and studying, the first 2 years will be grueling. Make sure to leave time for yourself to exercise, eat right and even some socializing.

There will be times during 3rd and 4th year when you will be frustrated by your continued lack of skills and knowledge but just remember that there will be plenty of time to master your specialty during residency.

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Krystal’s Answer

I went through 4 years of nursing school and absolutely there were times when I felt discouraged and down. But you have to look at the macro picture here. Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy. At those times you must remain focused and remember that YOU CAN DO THIS!! Form study groups with classmates. Share the load with other classmates in order to lighten yours. Share ideas about how to remember and memorize all this anatomy terms and kick this degrees butt!! GOOD LUCK!!