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What is the best college for computer science?

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4 answers

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Saravanan’s Answer

UC Berkeley , MIT , Stanford and CalTech are some of the best colleges. As long as you have a good foundation in Mathematics and Computer Science, and you have passion for learning new stuff and experiment with it, your growth is not going to be based on the College from where you got the degree. But it is a good idea to get degree from a good college, it will help a great in getting the first job.

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Nancy’s Answer

There are many colleges and you can't really go wrong - the important thing is to select one that fits your personality, budget and size. What companies come on campus for recruiting events? Does it have a good Alumni network? The important thing is to have that continuous passion for learning, asking questions and understanding the concepts that are being taught to build a strong foundation. The rest you will learn on the job as you go...

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Matthew’s Answer

You'll probably get some varying answers, but MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford come to mind. A list like the U.S. News one compiles a pretty good list. I'd keep an eye on this one in case you're curious about rankings:


The bigger point though is that the university you attend matters in that you'd have access to more resources, networking, etc. However, it is not the sole factor for your success in the field. As long as you can grasp the concepts well and market yourself in terms of accomplishments, goals, etc., you'll be in good shape.

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Todd’s Answer

There are top schools for computer science like MIT and Cal Tech, but you have to keep in mind that they're very difficult to get into, as these are highly selective schools. When choosing a college there are many factors to consider, such as your GPA, class ranking, and extra-curricular activities. You also have to consider costs (tuition, fees, room, board) and if the school would be a good fit for you (size, location, diversity, etc.). Defining "best college" should factor in what's important to you and not just various top school lists you'll find on-line. Personally, I liked using www.niche.com to research schools when I was helping my son look for colleges. I also found www.collegeconfidential.com quite informative. Best of luck to you!