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Tell us about a time when you had to do something difficult. How did you handle that, and how can that help you as a CNA?

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2 answers

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Maura’s Answer

You may want to talk over the situation with colleagues or other professionals when handling a difficult situation, as long as privacy requirements are followed. In particular if you are dealing with a patient, I would seek assistance. I am not a CNA, but if I have to have a difficult conversation, I try to come prepared. I make note of the most important information that I must share, keeping this brief. If the conversation goes elsewhere, this helps me stay focused on what I want to make sure I communicate. I also try to listen patiently to others, ensuring I am respectful of their opinion and give them time to share their point of view. Or, if delivering difficult news, that I am genuinely compassionate and empathetic. Listening respectfully should probably be the first priority. So, to sum it up, I would be prepared to listen, confirm you understand others' points of view, share yours respectfully and kindly.

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Haley’s Answer

Hi Karina!

I can't speak to your experiences, but I would start by looking at the required skills of a CNA, or the skills they are looking for in the job post. After that, think of a difficult situation, how you handled it, and how it would translate into that required or listed skill.