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Audriana’s Avatar
Audriana Oct 27, 2020 923 views

At what age do Forensic Pathology doctors retire at?

#career-choice #jobs

julia’s Avatar
julia Nov 05, 2020 349 views

How long will it take to become an slp?

I want to teach elementary kids pronunciation and how to work passed lisps. #elementary-education

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Feb 29, 2020 466 views

are extracurricular important to apply for grad school in occupational therapy and what extracurricular/volunteering opportunities do you recommend?

I am currently a first-year university student. I am planning to major in psychology and minor in health sciences and aspire to be an occupational therapist in the future. #healthcare #occupational-therapy #psychology #college

Joe’s Avatar
Joe Feb 29, 2020 824 views

What’s the best angle to approach colleges if you don’t have the best GPA? SAT, Extracurriculars, or something else?

#college-admissions #college #college-advice #sat

hailey’s Avatar
hailey Oct 02, 2019 417 views

whats the best thing about therapy

#therpaist #therapy

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Tyler Sep 13, 2019 463 views

How much experience do I need to be a truck driver?

#TruckDriving #Career #LongHaul

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian Nov 14, 2019 744 views

As an occupational therapist what clientele would I have?

Who would need an occupational therapist and where should I look for jobs. I want to know where the demand is coming from. #occupational-therapist #occupational-therapy #physical-therapy #clientele

ammy’s Avatar
ammy Feb 06, 2020 2182 views

what are good careers related to math and art?

#art #fine-art #design #math

Jancarlo’s Avatar
Jancarlo Feb 06, 2020 575 views

What will it be like starting to get adjusted into the career in college?

#fashion-design #college #design #creative

Karina’s Avatar
Karina Jan 27, 2020 458 views

Tell us about a time when you had to do something difficult. How did you handle that, and how can that help you as a CNA?

#psychology #career

Samuela’s Avatar
Samuela Feb 04, 2020 601 views

Will I going to become a pediatrician or a veterinarian though I'm not good in math and science? I badly need a motivational answer. Please.

#career #pediatrician #veterinarian

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Feb 04, 2020 725 views

Why do you think you’re well-suited for a position as an administrative assistant? For this job in particular?

#Administration #Business-Management

Tristan’s Avatar
Tristan Feb 09, 2017 1750 views

What is the difference between master and bachelor degrees?

I was wondering what you really gained from more. #college #degrees #bachelors-degree #masters-degree

Anjali’s Avatar
Anjali Feb 04, 2020 570 views

How to get involved in the non-profit sector?

I plan to apply to jobs in the nonprofit sector post-graduation for my gap year. Should I do unpaid internships before then? #internship #internship #nonprofit #job-search

Desirae’s Avatar
Desirae Feb 04, 2020 569 views

If you are in the process of majoring in criminology, what are some challenges that you have faced?

Im a senior in high school trying to become a criminal profiler. I will be the first one to graduate in my family!!😀 #criminal-justice #college #criminology