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How should a student app developer get his first work?

Hi! My name is Paul and I'm a 16 year-old who is currently learning Android app development. I was looking at job postings in that field for future reference and I noticed that most employers want the developer to have at least two years of experience.

My question is: how can I get two years of experience without already having a job? #software #programming #it #development #android #apps

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2 answers

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Pran’s Answer

1) Do internships or co-ops.
2) Write your own apps and use them as demos.
3) Apply anyway and hope you get lucky enough to get an interview, then sell it well.

Basically the same as everyone else. If you already have all the experience the job requires, it'll be a boring job. If you don't, you don't perfectly fit the description and have to be good at sales. As someone who's switched fields three times, it ain't easy getting into one where you either have no relevant experience or no recent experience, but it is possible. Target jobs you like and tailor a resume and cover letter. Then send a more generic one to jobs you may not like as much and use any interviews you get as practice. You might even get a job by accident that way!

Thank you for the advice! That is very helpful. Paul W.

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Laurie’s Answer

Hi Paul,

Consider finding a non-profit that you can volunteer your time and talent with. Volunteer work is the best way to build your resume and earn hours to gain experience. Employers also appreciate potential employees that are community minded.

Be sure to join clubs and organizations in school too! This something to add to your resume.

Lastly, JOB SHADOW! Find a company that will allow you to job shadow. Reach out to your network (family, friends, school staff) and ask them to introduce you to people who can host you for a day or two. Also, don't be afraid to contact a company you have an interest in and ask them yourself if they can provide you with a job shadow opportunity. This may also help you get your foot in the door for a future job.

Good-luck and remember attitude is everything! Don't let the work "NO" stand in the way!!

Thank you for the tips! I appreciate it. Paul W.

thank you for this tips! farheen B.

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