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Are there any psychology internships that would be open to me being a junior in college?

My Name is Daniela I am a University student at Towson University. I am majoring in Psychology and would love to gain interest in the field to get familiar with helping out the community. #psychology

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2 answers

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Leah’s Answer

Yes! I did an internship as an undergraduate student. The best way to find these would be through job search websites but what I think is the most helpful is using the career services office at your university, I assume most colleges have this service. That's how I found mine! We have a job search engine through our career services and I just searched things like "psychology" "human services" "counseling" and ended up finding one at a children's center for children who were sexually abused. I will say these internships are a lot harder to find than business ones for example, but they exist! Another way to find one is searching for local agencies and reaching out to them directly. Sometimes they may not offer an "internship" but they may be taking volunteers. That's another thing I would suggest, is looking for volunteer opportunities. There are so many different agencies that need volunteers and it's a great hands on learning experience and great for your resume. A simple google search of "volunteer opportunities near me" will show you a bunch. I know near me some examples are crisis line volunteers, homeless shelter, youth groups, and psychiatric hospital opportunities. Another way could be volunteering to help out in the psychology department if they have research projects going on. There are many different ways to gain psychology experience during undergrad and I definitely recommend doing it! Hope this is helpful!

Leah recommends the following next steps:

Reach out to career services on campus
Google search internship/volunteer opportunities near you
Reach out to psychology department on campus

Leah, thank you so much for the info will definitely be looking into all of the resources you listed above! Thanks Daniela M.

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Jenna’s Answer

I know for my field in school psychology, a lot of people in my program worked part-time as ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapists! If you are interested in working with children experiencing autism, then this would be also be great job opportunity. Not necessarily an internship, but it would look great on a resume when applying to graduate school. When I was in undergrad, I found it more difficult to get an internship (I found a lot to be more like volunteer experiences), but you can also seek out research opportunities with faculty if you haven't already! Participating in research with on-campus faculty is also perfect to add to your resume/CV.