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Diana’s Avatar
Diana Nov 19, 2019 537 views

Are there related fields I might want to look into for psychology?

I am 20 years old and I am planning in getting a career as either a psychologist or school/educational counselor

#education #counseling #clinical-psychology #psychology #college

kiki’s Avatar
kiki Jan 19, 2020 1260 views

What is a good job if you are good at giving advice when someone is struggling?

I like helping people when they are down. #career #therapy #counseling # #psychology

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Jan 26, 2020 578 views

Is it possible to receive an MFT after a non psychology major?

I am currently at a community college and will be transferring soon.
I started with psychology and just recently changed my major to Human Behavior and Social Justice, but do have in mind a masters in family therapy. #counseling #humanbehavior #career

Clarissa’s Avatar
Clarissa May 19, 2016 1166 views

How competitive is the feild of psychology.

I want to know I the psychology score of schools really matter. #clinical-psychology #psychiatry #social-psychology #child-psychology #forensic-psychology #school-psychology #moral-psychology

Clarissa’s Avatar
Clarissa May 19, 2016 3195 views

What jobs can you get with a bachelors in psychology while your going for a masters in forensic psychology?

I plan on working while getting my masters in forensic psychology, and I want to know what jobs to look for. #psychology #clinical-psychology #social-psychology #forensic-psychology #moral-psychology

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jan 30, 2020 415 views

Are there any psychology internships that would be open to me being a junior in college?

My Name is Daniela I am a University student at Towson University. I am majoring in Psychology and would love to gain interest in the field to get familiar with helping out the community. #psychology