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What is the hardest part besides building in construction?

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2 answers

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Shane’s Answer

There is a plenty of paperwork that goes into construction that often people don't realize. Contracts, Permits, licenses, safety policies, insurance documents. Sometimes you have to provide work history to prove your credibility to bid a project. All these and more can be applicable depending on the volume of work or where the funding is to be sourced from. Its best to be proactive with documentation and filling out forms, when your negligent it could put you behind in a job or require a stop work if its not caught in time.
Every level of employment has documents to provide, could be a simple as a time sheet or sign off a safety form but those items are important to be available and accurate.

My superior always told me the work is in the tools and the money is in the paperwork. You can perform a terrific job but if you don't process the documents correctly and timely you leave money on the table.

With the training that takes place for your discipline these paperwork requirements will be shown to you and you'll learn that process as well with time.

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Dominic’s Answer

Well, it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been on commercial job sites for 20+ years. You need to prepare for weather. I grew up in Chicago, so if that’s where your staying, it’ll be cold as hell in the winter, and there’s the sustained winds. You’ve also got to be prepared to drive to the location of the job your on. Could be 5 or 50+ miles away. Early starts. I wake up at 4am, have coffee, read some news, shower, pack a lunch and head out. It’s great exercise. Don’t be the typical worker, only there to collect a check. Try hard, excell, work harder, be cool with everybody, EARN your respect from the old timers. After 15 years I wanted out of the field, so I accepted an office job, estimating. I hated it. I missed the field. Get in where you can, then as you hone your skills, pay attention to other trades. Find a specialty, and work your way in. If your easily offended, or lazy, you will regret working in construction. Have confidence and thick skin, don’t quit. #goodjobtoday