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Shane Hamilton

Field Superintendent
Management Occupations - Construction and Extraction Occupations
Rochester, New York
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khamaje Aug 07, 2023 1142 views

What are the most crucial safety guidelines for electricians?

Any information that may be overlooked because not as common but also info that is the most helpful in all types of electrical situations

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Keyla Feb 14, 2020 768 views

What skills, abilities and personal attributes are essential to success in your Job/this construction??

#construction #career #job

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Kassy Feb 14, 2020 1162 views

What are you main responsibilities as a construction worker?

#construction #neonatal

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Keith Jun 26, 2019 2358 views



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Sean Feb 06, 2020 1206 views

What is the most dangerous part of being an electrician?

I am a student in the 11th grade and from other studies about me I have the potential of going into the Electrician range and so I wanted to know what the job is like and how does it work. #job #career #electrician #electrical

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Marvin Jan 31, 2020 525 views

What is the hardest part besides building in construction?


Michael’s Avatar
Michael Feb 27, 2019 589 views

What is the job experience like as an electrician

#electrician #trade #construction

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Gabriel Jun 17, 2019 719 views

Is the electrician field expanding? Do you find it easier to find jobs or harder? Long term job security is important to me, do you think that it's worth the time invested to get into this field?

#electrician #electrical