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How much math does computer engineer?

Im asking because it is something I want to do in the future and I am interested on knowing more about this career. #computer-programmer

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2 answers

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X.’s Answer

Most software engineering degrees require you to take the following:

  1. Calculus I

  2. Calculus II

  3. Calculus III

  4. Linear Algebra

  5. Discrete Mathematics

  6. Differential Equations

And usually another higher level math course such as Probability Theory. But, these degrees and their requirements change from school to school. Check out the curriculum for the school you're thinking about attending.

thank you for pencil geving Ezhilarasi M.

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Wael’s Answer

A lot! By the end of your degree you would a couple of courses away from having a minor in math.

thank you for your advice Ezhilarasi M.

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