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How did you pay for graduate school?

I know that after I get my degree in biology I have to go to graduate school to get my doctorate. I know you can pay for college through scholarships, but how do you get scholarships for grad school? #graduate-school #phd #graduate-recruitment

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2 answers

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Win’s Answer

Many PhD programs, especially the more highly ranked ones, will provide a financial package to admitted students that includes tuition waivers and stipends for a set number of years (i.e., the number of years expected for graduation, approx. 4-6). The stipend will be tied to a teaching assistantship, research assistantship, or a fellowship and will vary in amount depending on the program and (to some extent) cost of living in your area. PhD programs also present you with plenty of opportunities to apply for internal and external fellowships for which you qualify. In addition, you should have the opportunity to apply for summer research funding, internships, and travel grants (for conferences). Here is an example of the financial offerings of a PhD program for Biology from the UCLA website: https://www.eeb.ucla.edu/grad_support.php

All programs will have such a website or a similar website where they should be sharing information about financial support options available to their PhD students.

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Dianna’s Answer

Depending on the school and whether you chose to pursue a Master's or PhD program, there are scholarships, research internships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships that can help cover the cost of grad school. I found out about scholarships and fellowships through my mentors and also by contacting individual schools. I found that the best way to learn about grad school opportunities was by contacting the individual schools and specific departments that you may be interested in. Not all available opportunities are posted on a program's website. And it doesn't hurt to ask :)