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Sandra N. Mar 13, 2016 592 views

How should I get my first internship if I want to become a pharmacist in the USA? I have the Bachelor degree in pharmacy in Spain.

My goal after I finish the internship is to become an employee because I would like to work in a hospital as a pharmacist....


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Catrina L. May 04, 2016 1322 views
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Duaa O. May 04, 2016 735 views

Doctors: What did you major in in college and why?

I am an aspiring Anesthesiologist and I would love to know more about the career path that I am going into. #doctor #career #medicine #science #biology...


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Ivy H. May 05, 2016 731 views

How did you pay for graduate school?

I know that after I get my degree in biology I have to go to graduate school to get my doctorate. I know you can pay for college through scholarships, but how do you get scholarships for grad school? #graduate-school #phd...


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Laurenne L. May 05, 2016 570 views
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Tia M. May 11, 2016 620 views

How many additional years of schooling does one have to undergo to become a Pharmacist?

I am considering becoming a Pharmacist and would like to know how many years are required of me to attend school following my obtainment of a Bachelor's degree. #biology #pharmacy #pharmacists #clinical-pharmacy #retail-pharmacy...


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Tia M. May 11, 2016 3572 views

Is Pharmacy a competitive job market? How competitive?

I plan on pursuing a career in Pharmacy and just want to know if the pharmaceutical field is competitive and to what degree. It is not that I think it may be too rigorous for me; I know I am capable. If anything, more rigor will only make me more humble and determined to succeed. My questions...

#clinical-pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmacy #pharmacy-technicians

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Hannah P. May 27, 2016 633 views

Is it possible to get into a pharmacy school after a rough start in college ?

I've struggled with depression and kinda dented my gpa. I was wondering if it was possible to get into a pharmacy school if I retook classes and did well in them and also scored well on the Pcat...


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Jazmyne J. May 29, 2016 660 views

Will making a few C's hurt a student chance of getting accepted when applying to pharmacy school?

I'm in my junior year of college and I'm trying to be realistic about whether I will be competitive enough to get accepted. I would like to know if I have above a 3.0 with a few C's, would that make me less competive academically? #pharmacy...


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Edona B. Sep 01, 2017 283 views

Where can I find good amounts of scholarships?

Hello, my name is Edona B. and I am currently a senior in high school. Stress and anxiety has been accumulating throughout the days as a senior because college is around the corner.... I am very nervous and anxious to go into college because I keep thinking about the loans and payments I will...

#pharmacy #medicine