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How many additional years of schooling does one have to undergo to become a Pharmacist?

I am considering becoming a Pharmacist and would like to know how many years are required of me to attend school following my obtainment of a Bachelor's degree. #biology #pharmacy #pharmacists #clinical-pharmacy #retail-pharmacy #pharmacy-technicians

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3 answers

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Dianna’s Answer

The field of pharmacy is getting really competitive. I would recommend getting a Bachelor's in a field like Biochem. Then go on to get your PharmD. So it should take about a total of 8 years if you finish a BS in 4 years, then another 4 years for a PharmD. But if you look at job sites like LinkedIn jobs or Indeed, most places will require at minimum a post-grad 1 year residency after the PharmD (a.k.a PGY1).

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Abdul Vaajid’s Answer

Once you get your bachelor ( although not required by pharmacy schools, and I am not sure what you bachelor degree is inn) you need to decide which pharmacy schools you interested in applying for and check their pre-pharmacy course requirements. After clearing PCAT, pharmacy school it self could take 4 years or 3 years (fast pace program) depending on the school you will select.

FYI: the only school in the entire midwest with a fast track 3 year program that has ACPE accreditation is at Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy in Illinois. Great school.

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Heba’s Answer

Hi Tia,

You need to complete a Pharm D degree which is 4 years.

In order to be admitted to the program, you need to fulfill the pre-reqs. That can take as little as one year. However, some students keep getting their applications rejected. So they complete a Bachelor's first.

After finishing the Pharm D, you can do one or two more years of residency. At this point it is optional.