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What are your main responsibilities as a..?

I would like to be an architect and learn more about how to fly a plane. #experience

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2 answers

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Amos’s Answer

Biomedical engineer, implementing first and foremost " The Safety first", troubleshooting medical equipment, repair & calibrations, Management

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Tony’s Answer

I actual have experience in both! So, before working as an IT Architect for IBM, I did computer programming for architects who design buildings, parking lots, and other projects. All forms of architecture is a balancing act between what looks good and works well for the users, as well as what is cost-effective and possible from a construction perspective. I suggest TED Talks (which talks for Technology Entertainment and Design) as there are some really good talks on architecture design.

As for learning how to fly, I took classes and learned to fly on small 2-seater and 4-seater planes. If you can drive a car, you can learn to fly a plane. Other than the rather stressful tasks of take-off and landing, the rest of the flight is actually like putting your car in cruise control.

-- Tony