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Lloyd Jul 12, 2023 274 views

How sucsessful are game developers?

I have been inspired to become one and I have been learning the basics and started to make my own.

Fae’s Avatar
Fae Jul 06, 2023 8247 views

Why did you pick computer science as your field of study?

What motivates you to have your job in computer science/why did you pick it? What keeps you interested in technology?

Genesis’s Avatar
Genesis Aug 30, 2023 390 views

How do people create an application on the internet and successfully and it so big ?

You can come up with an idea and then start planning out your idea and marketing it on the internet for people to get interested in it and download it

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Jul 02, 2023 523 views

How do I pick what career I want, or will it come naturally to me?

Hello, I am going into my freshman year at college as a Computer Science major. The only thing is, I haven't decided exactly what path to go on for a career. How do I pick what career I want, or will it come naturally to me? Freshman in college, Computer Science major, potential physics, math,...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jun 29, 2023 731 views

How can I better prepare myself for the questions that are likely to be asked in my first interview and start building a repertoire of eligibility requirements for the engineering field, especially catering towards robotics/mechanical engineering?

I am a part of an FRC team (we recently went to the World Championship :)
I am a junior in high school
I am a part of a VEX team where we made it to states.
I would love to pursue a career in engineering, especially relating to mechanical or robotics design.

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Aug 01, 2023 572 views

What is the best way to approach a career in technology?

Do employers look to see if you have had an internship in technology? What qualities about a future employee do companies most look for?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 26, 2023 701 views

There are so many different computer and tech related jobs, how do I know which one I would like and what the difference is?

I was looking for computer and tech related jobs but got lost in how many jobs there were and now i'm really confused on what the difference is in all of them, I want to be a computer software programmer but I cant find much online about it, it always takes me to another job that's similar so...

Rebekah’s Avatar
Rebekah Jun 23, 2023 660 views

What high school classes should I take if I want my job to be something with computers and technology?

I’m going into 9th grade and I’m already in a computers class and math because they are required but I was wondering if there were any other classes that would help?

Edison’s Avatar
Edison Jun 21, 2023 268 views

when can i start working?

when i finish with all the recrements to applying to a job

Melchizedek’s Avatar
Melchizedek May 08, 2023 393 views

How are you going to start your college career by yourself?

Make sure to be in college by yourself one day

Kendrick’s Avatar
Kendrick Jun 16, 2023 341 views

Experience for intended Computer Science major?

Where should I look to find more professional experience in tech as a high school student graduating to major in Computer Science in college?

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jun 18, 2023 493 views

What is a good way to enter the computer science field?

I'm in high school and I want to know how to reach further into the computer science field and what classes can further accel me more into the course.

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Jun 12, 2023 463 views

How can AI change our world?

We've all heard about the advancements of AI and how it is changing the field of technology, however, can AI not only change technology, but our world? Will it be positive or negative?

Candy’s Avatar
Candy May 04, 2023 350 views

What should I major in.??

I am interested in python script. I started learning it yesterday, and I was wondering what I should major in if I would want to pursue that career. I was questioning computer science or computer programming.

fernando’s Avatar
fernando May 15, 2023 431 views

how many programming languages should I learn? what programming language is best for beginners?

this question is for software development.