What type of law is best to start out studying?

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The choice of what to study is really based on what interests you have. You can take any course but I suggest focusing on courses that are in the areas of law you will find interesting for yourself.

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The good thing about law school is that it offers courses that covers many aspects of the law, which gives you the opportunity to take classes in different areas that you think that you might be interested in. They teach you the basic classes that are covered on the Bar Exam, but also as electives they have classes in other things like Bankruptcy and other areas that are not normally covered on the Bar Exam. So as you get to choose your elective classes look for the ones that you would like to learn more about - and don't be concerned if you don't know what you want to do with your law degree right away - do some summer intern jobs (you usually do them for free but it is the experience that you are looking for) and hopefully that will help you make a choice. Good luck on your future plans.

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I recommend that you learn everything you can about Procedural Law. Unfortunately, many cases are not won or lost on the merits, but because of which side had the better attorney. Law is like a giant chess (or poker) game, being played out between two lawyers, It is the client who stands to win, or lose. You have to know everything there is about what types of motions to file, and when, and the consequences of filing, or not filing, these motions. It sounds very dull, but it is in fact, very important.

Beyond that, explore a little. There are areas of specialization that may not have crossed your mind. Do what is of interest to you!

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