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What can I do to prepare myself for college?

I am currently a senior at Milwaukee High School of the Arts, And I need a little bit of guidance before I go out into the college field. #music #culinary-arts

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1 answer

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Kevin’s Answer

Hi Gabriella,

I think I can give you some insight, as it took me 4 years and three colleges before I decided to major in music. And this doesn't include the fact that my senior year in high school, I was also enrolled as a freshman at a local university!

So, here we go:
1.) It seems rather late for you to just be considering a school, but perhaps you're already accepted somewhere? If you haven't yet been accepted, you might try...
2.) Your freshman year at a local college. Live at home. Get a part-time job. Save your money! Make sure that the classes you take are so general that the credits will transfer. I know plenty of music students, great players, who did their first two years on the cheap, then auditioned and got into Berklee or other schools.
3.) Don't worry about your major! Almost anything you can study that is advanced, such as science, music, law, medicine, requires that you get at least your master's degree. And now days, there are so many people with master's degrees in their field, that there are schools that take you into their doctorate program and you earn your master's degree along the way.
4.) So a good liberal arts education, that gives you variety and a wide range of tasks that will challenge you; you need to learn how to listen well, write well, read, read, read, and also be able to speak in a clear, friendly voice that projects your strength and positive attributes.

Listen Well: Learn to take great notes, it helps your mind to be able to listen, discern what is essential and write it down.

You're going to take freshman English. Consider taking another writing course, either creative or business (or both eventually)

Your English Lit class will force you to read lots of books. This takes time to change from a casual reader to a studious person doing what is essentially research for the test you will be given on the book. Learn to read quickly but effectively. Don't read when your body clock is making you tired!

Take a debate class. Take a speech class. Take singing lessons. Study vocabulary. Read about the latin and greek origins of many of our words, and you will begin to have a deeper understanding.

And finally, remember to run with a good crowd, listen to and respect your teachers (it's all about who YOU want to be - remember that!), work hard, and have fun. The four years will fly by and human beings do a lot of growing up in 4 years. Literally, you will be taller, stronger, weigh a bit more, and that's just on the physical side. Which reminds me. Do something to keep your body fit. Exercise makes us feel better, think better, sleep better. And good sleep habits will keep you healthy.

Good luck!


Thank you comment icon Thank you for the frank and practical advice. I really appreciate your perspective on Gabriella's question. Deana