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Kevin McCluskey

Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music
Boston, Massachusetts
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Juan ’s Avatar
Juan Sep 01, 2017 726 views

What are the best school in the fields of Music and Business?

I'm not sure what i want to do with my life and what i want to major in. I know I want to continue my education after high school but I'm not sure what I want to yet do. #undecided #excitedforthefuture #music-producer #music-production #international-affairs #international-business

Silviya’s Avatar
Silviya May 21, 2016 1154 views

What Do I need to set up my own recording label?

I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business degree and I want to set up my own recording label upon graduating. What steps should I take, how much will it cost and what are some basic legal requirements to register such business entity?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 13, 2016 1245 views

How does a music artist get someone at a record label to listen to their demo?

I am going to be studying music to benefit a career as a performing artist. Investing in someone's career can definitely boost determination and fulfill the goals of a record label. I'd want to know what to prepare for and how to enter the field. #music #music-industry

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella May 05, 2016 829 views

What can I do to prepare myself for college?

I am currently a senior at Milwaukee High School of the Arts, And I need a little bit of guidance before I go out into the college field. #music #culinary-arts

Korede’s Avatar
Korede Apr 13, 2016 1055 views

Best way to get started in entrepreneurship and business?

I am a 16 year old sophomore in high school looking to get started in entrepreneurship and building businesses to help improve and add value to the quality of people's lives. The thing I hear the most from many big business moguls is "Just get started! Don't worry about perfection, just do it!"...

Leigh’s Avatar
Leigh Mar 24, 2015 2885 views

What does a record producer do, how much do they make, and is it a good start- up job for someone who likes music and art?

I am very interested in record production and I really want to know what it is like to be one. #music-recording #record-labels

Yasine’s Avatar
Yasine Mar 01, 2016 2189 views

On a day to day basis, how does a Civil Engineer vary from being a Music Engineer?

I am a high school senior. I have always had a passion for Civil Engineer and want to pursue it in college. I recently researched about what Civil and Music Engineers do overall. I also talked to an admissions counselor about pursuing these two careers and received awesome advice about how to...