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How much does your job made?

Hi, I'm taking automotive and I really need to know few things about it?
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2 answers

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Aniko’s Answer


HR Associate in Chicago, IL at Capgemini $50k Gross

Keep in mind that taking into consideration the salary is not enough information. Learn what the cost of living is in each city for which you are applying to.

What are your Fixed costs of living & What are your variable costs of living? Do you have the funds to pay for your own move if the employer does not offer relocation benefits?

Good Luck!

Aniko recommends the following next steps:

Look up wages in GlassDoor
Look up Wages at Bureau of Labor Statistics
What is the cost of living in the city to which you will apply for work? This will tell you the real value of your salary.

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James’s Answer

About 60 thousand a year give or take