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What schooling do you need to be a Physical therapist?

What would the schooling be like ? #physical-therapist

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4 answers

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Susie’s Answer

Hi Esteban,
In the USA, becoming a physical therapist is now a doctoral degree path. You would have to complete a 4-year undergraduate degree, including all pre-requisite courses like physics and chemistry, and then apply to a DPT program, which is another 3 years. It is full-time and includes coursework in neuroscience, orthopedics, pharmacology, radiology, psychology, research methods, pediatrics, law/ethics, kinesiology, and more. You would need to complete a final capstone/research project as well as pass 3-4 on-site residencies. It is intense and rewarding coursework.

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Sanket’s Answer

Yes you need a doctorate in physical therapy(DPT) to work as a physical therapist but prior to that you need undergraduate with credits in biology , chemistry,math etc. Some schools also have an accelerated program where they reduce one year of undergraduate making a total of 6 yrs of school instead of the standard 7 yrs. The credits required are very similar to pre-med classes. Once you receive your DPT degree you need to sit for the National physical therapy exam (NPTE) to work as a PT. The exam takes place 5 times a year and is computer based exam.

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Robin’s Answer

You need to earn a Doctorate degree in order to practice as a physical therapist.

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Adam’s Answer

Hi, Adam! Thanks for sharing this link, but sending Esteban to another site may not be the best way to answer his question. Do you have any information from your personal experience as a physical therapist that you think you could share with Esteban? Any details about the educational path you took, what you thought of those experiences, or tips you have for completing this education would be very valuable! Alexandra Carpenter