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I want to explore and see if I want to become a software Engineer

I am in my 11th grade at westview high school. I am months away for my #college-admissions . Not sure what I want to become. #software-engineer is an area I explored that I can get a job easily anywhere. So I want to know more about it.

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4 answers

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Jon’s Answer

Do you like solving logic puzzles?

Do you find yourself reading and diving deep into technical articles on the web?

Have you ever tried to build a piece of software (i.e. just build a MS Access database and run some sql)?

If you can, download some open source software (i.e. say Python), install it and run through some examples.

If that went went, write your own POC (proof of concept). Pick a problem that you feel you could solve with the POC. Be creative!

When you get done with the POC and you find yourself thinking the whole process exhilarating and your just wanted to explore and learn more... congrats.. you've found the right career!

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Ashley’s Answer

Software Engineering is a lucrative selection for long-term employment. After learning code; finishing up your schooling you will enter the Software Engineering field only to face fairly steep competition. Depending on your education level , you should fall into place somewhere.
There are many slots to fit in. So-Cal has many, the Bay Area is another hot spot and Seattle is a large city I would recommend to get started in.

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

Learn code
Proper education level
Search for areas w high demand in your field
Apply to multiple choices
Choose the most desired area to live and work.

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Sripriya’s Answer

Hello Aditya,

You will love software engineering if you like problem solving, working methodically and can focus on tasks for long time. The job market for a software engineer is pretty good, there are lot of jobs but also they are becoming very competitive. I would suggest you take a programming class online or at a community college or at a coding school to see if you like programming.

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Aaron’s Answer

In addition to what Sripriya said, there's a number of free online courses to help learn coding. Taking one of those could help you determine if it is for you or not.

Khan academy has some basic JavaScript lessons. Search Google for "free code academy" to find others.

Aaron recommends the following next steps:

Look into https://www.freecodecamp.org/