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What extra curriculars and internships can i get into while majoring in dance?

I love dance and would like to know how I can apply it to jobs in the workforce. dancers career career-counseling

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2 answers

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Tracy’s Answer

If you want to be a dancer, there are no 'internships' or 'extra-curiculars'. Dance is a full-time commitment and if you're looking to earn money or get 'job experience' and you have time! for that, then look for shows or dance concerts to be in that pay.
If your Dance Program is any good, you should be constantly taking class, rehearsing and performing, and shouldn't really have time to be seeking outside activities, other than other open classes.
If your university doesn't have a dance company, than perhaps you can apprentice with a local one.
I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you are a Dance Major you owe it to yourself, and everyone that's been denied the opportunity, to spend your time earning your money dancing.
The only concession I'll make to this argument is that you could teach dance, if you are well-trained and able to teach well.
If I've totally got this wrong, and you're interested in applying your dance other ways you can look into dance therapy or working in fitness centers. You could look into choreography opportunites, as well. I think you would do well to read some dancer biographies.
Best of Luck!
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Kalani’s Answer

Hi Ronald,

I was a dance major in college and took part in many extra-curricular activities that were both related and un-related to dance. I was a member of the competitive dance team at the university that was unrelated to the dance major, while also participating in quarterly performances with the major. I recommend taking courses or getting involved in music and video production- as a dancer, you will need to know both. Knowing how to market yourself as a dancer is also very important, so taking courses in self-branding is helpful.

Kalani recommends the following next steps:

Look at extra curricular activities related to dance- music, video production, grants submission (if you want to choreograph)