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Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Mar 13 156 views

What majors are included in becoming a veterinarian. Or doctor, or bioengineering, or seismology?

I'm interested in learning about many science & medical fields!

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Mar 14 182 views

How long does it take to become a construction manager?

What are some benefits of being a construction manager? Why is being a construction manager such an important role?

Nayeli’s Avatar
Nayeli Mar 14 216 views

What is the first step to starting a small business?

I am looking into starting my own business, maybe a restaurant or bakery. Even if it is a taco truck or something really small because I have a lot of passion for baking.

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Mar 14 149 views

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a head chef at a young age??

I want to be head chef, at a fine dining restaurant.

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Mar 13 149 views

What should I do, if I'm not yet decided on what to do?

what should I do if I'm not yet decided on what to pursue in my future? Im not quite sure what I would like to do and I'm on my second to last year of high school.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Mar 13 102 views

What is the best school for beauty school ? #CV23

Im looking at school and need to start looking. I just dont know what would be a good school. I heard this site is good.

phong’s Avatar
phong Mar 13 139 views

how can you graduate high school/college if you did not get Diploma?

like, who needs Diploma when you really forget about it?

phong’s Avatar
phong Mar 13 130 views

is it possible to get Grade A if you had some work that were unfinished?

like it happened to me a lot but i want to know

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Mar 13 148 views

In general, how many years of studying / college would I have to complete before I become a teacher?

I'm planning to go straight into college right after high school.

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Mar 13 190 views

how do you know if your career is right for you?

how do you know?

Damian’s Avatar
Damian Mar 09 190 views

how can i become a profesional soccer player?

how do i get to be a really good soccer player. i am in 7th grade and i am 13 ?

Jancarlo’s Avatar
Jancarlo Mar 09 176 views

how do you make a business blow up ?

what should i do

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Mar 09 612 views

what are some type of college degrees?

student in high school getting ready for college

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 09 129 views

How do you push yourself into doing more in a small business?

I'm in a small business, but I want to boost my strength more.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Mar 09 237 views

How much money do construction managers make? also is it tiresome to be a construction manager?

How much money do construction managers make and is it tiresome?