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San Francisco, California
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I want to be able to help future students.



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Gabriela Mar 13, 2023 346 views

What majors are included in becoming a veterinarian. Or doctor, or bioengineering, or seismology?

I'm interested in learning about many science & medical fields!

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Gabriela Mar 13, 2023 399 views

What do veterinary studies look like in college? How difficult are they, how many years, and what would my career path look like?

I've wanted to be a veterinarian since I was little but got scared of the difficulty in college. I'm still very very curious and interested if I should focus on it again.

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Gabriela Mar 13, 2023 342 views

In general, how many years of studying / college would I have to complete before I become a teacher?

I'm planning to go straight into college right after high school.

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Gabriela Mar 08, 2023 325 views

What can my path look like if I pursue teaching?

I want to go to college/university and major in education.