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How will this virus affect my chance at getting an on campus job (especially if my financial aid package could change)?

I know that I will need to work a lot on campus. Will I be able to?
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4 answers

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Gabriel’s Answer

Really, Vilma? Two questions???

If you were able to fill out a FAFSA you basically "applied" for Federal Work Study. Check with the appropriate office (career services? student services?) to see if there are open positions. If I understood correctly, this is more an issue for you in the fall. If so, APPLY EARLY!!!!

Many students don't apply until they get their first bill. Apply as soon as you can. Every college varies, but most of our work study employees do filing, answering phones, light clerical work.

Hope this helps!

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Adela’s Answer

Good question and I think it’s top of mind for many graduates.

Adela recommends the following next steps:

Step 1: Talk to your college guidance counselor and financial aid office to see what help they can provide.
Step 2: Continue looking for and applying to jobs. We don’t know how long the virus will affect on-campus jobs but there’s still a lot that can be done remotely. In fact, seeing how things are dramatically changing - the world is relying on technology more than ever.
Step 3: Use free online resources to brush up on your basic software skills.
Step 4: Broaden your horizons: If you’re concerned about a job and finances, look for jobs outside your area. Many jobs are done remotely and therefore your location might not matter. Use all your online networks to let people know you’re looking for a job.

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Mallika’s Answer

Hey Vilma,

So to be honest, I think it will definitely affect the campus job situation, although just temporarily. With campuses being shut down and classes being online, the general campus jobs won't be functioning a whole lot either. But this is a temporary and very important step that everyone is taking of self-quarantining and maintaining safe distance. In such a fluid situation, I would just advice you to stay strong and keep applying and looking for the campus jobs as they will definitely need new students to fill up for jobs.

They might have new policies etc. because of increased hygiene/sanitary precautions we all have to take, but that will surely not hamper job prospects.

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Madison’s Answer

some universities are still paying their federal work study students / student employees. The Department of Education hasn’t released any formal guidance but your school can let you know what they’ve decided.

If you’re interested /willing to utilize additional federal loan monies you can ask for your financial aid office about a professional judgement for a budget increase. That may allow you to borrow additional PLUS LOAN

Madison recommends the following next steps:

Contact your financial aid office
Ask what the current policy is regarding campus jobs