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How to become a good Programmer?

I am kani.I am 10th std. #college-major #programming

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3 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Testing! Testing! Testing! Good Developers make a point of thoroughly testing their work before handing it off. Don't rely on others to find issues with your code. Also, as mentioned in another answer, put some thought into your design before you start to code. Figure out your backlog of user stories (a Solutions Architect will help with this) and make sure you fully understand each story before attempting to do the work. Being competent with Agile is also important in this day and age.

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Laura’s Answer

The biggest mistake I see developers making is starting to code without putting pen to paper first or some analysis of the problem. They start coding in a trial/error mode. If one stops to think about what could be going on, produce a diagram, or at least more thought into how to solve the problem before ever coding.

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Jayaprakash’s Answer

To become a good programmer, obviously you need to learn atleast one programming language (C, C++, Java, etc) to write code. Apart from programming language following are the areas you need to focus on becoming a good programmer.

1. DataStructure and Algorithms - Programming language is not enough to solve problems correctly. To solve the problems, one should know more about different types of data-structure and algorithms to use them appropriately.
2. Object Oriented Programming - DS and Algo helps you to solve the complexity of problems. But to properly design your solution, you need OOP. This helps you to understand the high level problem and solve them appropriately.
3. Advanced Programming - This helps you to architect a proper scalable and robust applications where you learn concepts like design patterns and system designs.

Since you were in 10th, you can concentrate on DS, Algo & OOP as of now. Once you understand the concepts and good with programming you can learn the advanced programming. Software Engineering has different area of domains like game development, app development, web application, etc. But the above mentioned were basics to all domains.