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Would a degree in Political Science prepare me for a starter career in law?

I'm interested in law but don't want to major in pre-law for the off-chance that I don't go to law school #law #political-science

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To be honest your under graduate degree does not determine how well you will do in law school, so if you have something that you are interested in studying you should do that without fear that you will not be prepared for law school. I always tell people that the two courses that seem to help the most in college are math and English. Math because it teaches you analytical skills which are necessary to get to the bottom of things and of course English because you will be doing a lot of writing in a legal career.

Law school will be nothing like you imagine unless you have been around someone who has gone to law school or worked in the legal field. I had been a legal secretary and a paralegal before I went to law school and I was still not prepared for what it turned out to be. Law school teaches you the things necessary to take the bar exam, but very little about the actual practice of law - you learn that from doing summer internships with either law firms or with in-house counsel for a large corporation.

Best of luck to you.

Last updated May 11 '16 at 04:38

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Absolutely! You can major in anything and go to law school. There is no specific pre-law requirement.

Hope that helps!

Last updated May 11 '16 at 04:49

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