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What are job options for those who have product development and product design degrees?

Asked Cincinnati, Ohio

My current college major is product development and it is a topic that interests me very much. I am wondering what careers are possible for me #career #development #product

2 answers

Keith’s Answer


Ellen, that's a very valuable area of study for a lot of business companies. Your interest in product development sets you up well for careers in marketing, sales, product design, commercial advertising, and business management, or business analysis. Most companies who sell a product or service are always looking for product development and design students who have work experience in that area. My advice would be to do an internship or two with an organization in their product development department while you're still in college. That experience combined with your educational background will prepare you well for entry-level work in product development once you graduate.

Tiffany’s Answer

Updated California, California

Product management and development is a growing field- and its great that your school is forward thinking enough to offer a degree in it! Most product managers are not fresh out of college, and a typical career progression could involve a year in sales, a couple years in marketing, and then transferring to product after 3-5 years. An alternate route if you have an engineering or design background could be working in those departments first then transitioning to product.

Finding jobs that hire product managers fresh out of undergrad college can be tough, as product is such an integral part of the company and with complex relationships to other departments that it can be risky to hire new grads. Large companies like Workday and Zynga, however, are starting to hire undergrads! I know this because I am one of them :) As a product manager I work with engineering, art, design, and marketing to build features for our games that users love while contributing to the company's top line goals. I love this job because it's fast paced, I am always working on something new, and get to work with people from many different disciplines than myself. And of course my job involves playing and making games, which is always the most fun part!

I would recommend that you take classes in these areas: data science, programming, graphic design, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance. If you really love one of them, it might be more fun for you to start in those departments first. If you like all of them and how the topics crossover, then I would advise going after internships that let you flex those skills before graduating. It's difficult to get a job out of undergrad as a product manager if you don't have any prior experience.