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What kind of career is good for someone that favors math and english subjects and is very detail oriented?

I'm asking this question to enter the $2,500 Scholarship. #finance #career-choice #mathematics #english #attention-to-detail

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3 answers

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Lisa G.’s Answer

You might want to check out the website BeAnActuary (http://beanactuary.org) #beanactuary. An actuary is a business professional who evaluates risk, often in an insurance company. What a future employer is looking for and what you may want to consider is to be well rounded. Not just a math "geek", but also someone who knows how to write and think critically. There continue to be more nontraditional opportunities for actuaries because risk is so much a part of modern life. You need to be a self starter as an actuary, so you can pass the exams required to get the credentials while you are also working in a business environment. But you don't have to go to school beyond an undergraduate degree to get these credentials.

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Wael’s Answer

Engineering! It is based on math, physics, and chemistry and very detail oriented. English is needed also to communicate findings, solutions, and plans.

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Brian’s Answer

Hi Christy:

I think this opens up several career opportunities for you. As stated previously, engineering would be one very solid option for you as it requires all of these qualities and is a very well paying job. Accounting would be another good profession for you to choose as it requires someone who is detail oriented, good with math and is a very solid career option. Bachelors in finance is another valid option for you as financial advisors and underwriters have very detail oriented jobs where you will use Math.

In my line of work, you have to have attention to detail and be good with math as well. I am an underwriter for Fannie Mae and you deal with a lot of calculations in determining if someone can qualify to get a home loan based upon how much income they make and how much debt they currently have. I got a bachelors degree in finance and did an internship while in college which helped open doors for me and get a finance job once I was out of college.

I would suggest trying to do two different internships as early in your college career as possible . If you are considering two difference career options getting the actual experience may help you determine which line of work you want to concentrate more and give you valuable experience to go on your resume. Try to find some groups on campus to help you make connections and network. The more people you know the better chance you have of finding a job once you graduate.

God luck!