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Is it good if I start thinking helping people while myself is not good enough?

I'm here to start learning and chasing my goal #business

can you tell me a little more regarding this situation? Do you mean, "Is it ok if i start helping people, even though i am not good enough yet?" Brett Holmes

ye, it's work for me to, that's what I'm talking about Tien N.

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7 answers

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Mitch’s Answer

Hey Tien,

It's never too early to help others, even if you're not sure you're exactly where you want to be. First, I'd ask yourself what your strengths are and list them out. Then, try to find an avenue to help people who may be weaker in these areas. For example, maybe you're great at algebra, even though you are not great at calculus. You can still help others who are not great at algebra!

Additionally, scientists have found that one of the best ways to learn a subject is by teaching it to someone else. When I was taking my intermediate accounting classes, I found it super helpful to tutor students in the intro classes, because it helped me learn the base concepts even better. They say you haven't truly learned something unless you can teach it to someone clearly.

Hopefully that helps, your question, if not just let me know and I'm happy to follow up

Mitch recommends the following next steps:

List out your strengths
Find a place to help people who may have one of your strengths as their weakness

Thank you for your fast Reply , I agree about "scientists have found that one of the best ways to learn a subject is by teaching it to someone else." , this line help me a lot and same with my thought so one again I'm very appreciate you for spending time to answer my question Tien N.

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Nancy’s Answer

Hi Tien,

It's great that you have an giving and altruistic attitude, and helping others can definitely be balanced with working on your own personal development!

One skill that you can develop while helping others is learn how to plan community events. They are a great way to start developing on professional skills like communication and organization, and you can start on a small scale (say, an event for 4 people) and as you learn and gain experience, move to a larger scale. I was a part of Key Club in high school, a volunteer group, and through them I started to organize and plan community events, and the skills I gained from those experiences I still use at work today.

The first step is to find a volunteer organization that is looking for help, and then volunteer when the opportunities come up. Hope this helps and wish you the best. Let me know if you have any questions!

Nancy recommends the following next steps:

Find a volunteer organization you would like to work with
Work with someone in the organization to help plan an event

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David’s Answer

Hello Tien:

There is never not good enough when you have a open heart to help other while you are thinking you are not good enough. I do not believes it at all, why, because you already took the step of helping others. On top of it is while you are helping other you are also learning as well as development you skills also building yourself to become better.

If you want, you can start some volunteering with the community, organization, local group, and etc. As myself, my family is about giving back to the community, local group, organization because as you know most Asian family came here as refugee and immigrant and back then a lot of local group and organization did assist our family. So now we are older and could help and give back that is when we do it, it is about giving back as along as you are willing and not considering it as something you must do, free willing.

If you can start small and move on to big and bigger along the way.

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steve’s Answer

First never think you are not good enough for anything.... the fact that you want to help other people is a great trait and we need more of this .... Think of any hurdles you have overcome.... How and why did you do this. Congratulate yourself and apply this to others in need.

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Riste’s Answer

Absolutely Tien! Your thoughts around contributing to others confirms you are very thoughtful young man! Giving to others leads to a very fulfilling life and many of us only discover this later in our lives.

You will also learn allot about yourself and others through helping them. When we work we essentially get paid for the value we bring to people or the market. You are wise beyond your years and are already thinking on the right track. Put your mind to it and you can achieve anything.

Good luck!

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Jennifer’s Answer

HELPING OTHERS WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD ENOUGH. The pure thought of helping others is the first step and something you should always be proud of simply having this thought. You may be fighting battles and challenges in your mind, never stop trying...never give up... keep moving.

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Ali’s Answer

You are good enough 🙂