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Rohit N. May 24, 2016 1726 views

Will it be beneficial for me to pursue a double major in computer science and neuroscience given my interest in general AI and machine learning?

I've been interested in artificial intelligence and bridging the gap between computers and biology. I want to know more about the scope of this field in the near future. #computer-science #neuroscience #ivy-league...


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Esther J. Apr 18, 2018 316 views

How to stay determined going to school, taking care of family, and running a business?

I want to stay encouraged pursuing my degree in nursing while I am taking care of my family and build my business. I have been wanting to go back to school for quite some time now. I left my previous employer thinking I was going to start a nursing program right away. Once I realized, that...

#fulltimemom #back2school #business

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Lucia G. Aug 31, 2018 273 views
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Tien N. Mar 31, 2020 206 views
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Aleena M. Apr 22, 2020 301 views
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Natalie P. May 22, 2020 293 views

What should we spend our time in quarantine on?

Read books. Improve your profile in LinkedIn. Talk to family. Study. #effective...


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Daniella G. Jul 25, 2020 160 views
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Emmanuel E. Jul 29, 2020 209 views

Is difficult to get a job in the area of Artificial Intelligence?

I am a student in the area of autotronic, and artificial intelligence. #ai #datascience...