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Is difficult to get a job in the area of Artificial Intelligence?

I am a student in the area of autotronic, and artificial intelligence. #ai #datascience


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4 answers

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Riste’s Answer

Hey Emmanuel, Great question.
Digital transformation is either positively or negatively affecting every industry in the world. The ability to apply intelligence to the constant stream of data going through the environments we work and live in to make better decisions and transformative processes (which is the essence of AI) is one of the key drivers of success. Utilizing AI is currently giving companies a competitive advantage, but I believe in the not to distant future it will be a required part of most businesses like many other technologies we now take for granted (e.g. collaboration technology).

With this in mind there will many opportunities for people who can leverage AI to assist business decisions and processes. You can also apply it almost any industry, which will allow you to follow your passion.

Best of luck & success in exploring AI.

Thanks for your answer Riste Nikoloski. It's great to know the opinion on this subject of a member of a recognized company like Microsoft; I appreciate your time and information, best regards. Emmanuel E.

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RAMESH’s Answer

AI by itself is very generic, it all boils down to what field what problem you can solve. For autronics field and with the advent of autonous cars/drones/etc, there can be more scope on AI but depending on what problem you are solving. Devil is the details.

Thank you Ramesh for your explanation, I will keep it in mind, regards. Emmanuel E.

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Jessica’s Answer

This is an amazing skill to have that very few people possess. You'll find not many of the job titles will say "AI" in them, but the type of engineering you learn while pursuing these skills can be applicable across many different functions and companies

Thank you Jessica for your answer, I have been seeing that some offers related to the subject are emerging, kind regards. Emmanuel E.

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karthik’s Answer

Its not about difficulty on gettng a job for an ML fresher. It’s about your knowledge. If you have good coding experience with strong data science concepts. You should know end to end project deployment experience or must have atleast created some PoCs if not complete products to be able to show your mettle to the prospective employer

I agree, as one advances in knowledge, you find where more things can be applied, I am trying to learn everything possible and every day I like this area more, thanks for your response and contribution, greetings. Emmanuel E.