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Is it possible to become an Entrepreneur with a BME degree? I don't think I want to do the actual heavy engineering work but I want to own a company and sell medical devices?

Asked Rochester, New York

I am considering becoming an entrepreneur but I like BME. #engineers #entrepreneur

2 answers

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Sheilah!

Congratulations on posting such an interesting question. Here are a few sites that address this issue;

Here is the story of a woman with interests much like yours, who was able to do what you are seeking to do: http://epicenter.stanford.edu/story/babs-carryer-carnegie-mellon-university

Here are two other articles which also might be helpful:



Send thank you notes to those who help you. Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!! Best of luck!

Cicily’s Answer

Updated Las Vegas, Nevada

I agree with K. Simmons. Try and volunteer for a company that will allow you access to information in spurts. There's nothing wrong with learning how to say, stock the products needed in a business like this. You get a chance to learn products and protocol. Not all items can rest at any given temperature so knowing what should go where should jog your curiosity to learn more and any employer should be happy to mentor that

Good Luck