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Rosemary V. Oct 09, 2013 1088 views

how much does a lawyer make?

because i want to be a lawyer...


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Olga R. Apr 08, 2014 2865 views
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Haley K. Nov 21, 2014 1551 views

What would you suggest doing in college to be able to get a job immediately out of it?

I want to make the most of my college experience, but also prepare myself well for a job when I finish. #college...


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Gianni G. Mar 17, 2015 791 views

How long does it take for a sports management major to get a job out of college?

I am a High school senior who is interested in the major of sports management but i am curious of what the job prospects are right out of college. #management #sports #sports-management #coaching...


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Talayah G. Oct 08, 2015 1219 views
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Carter H. Oct 14, 2015 701 views

What is the best route to take to become a Minnesota State Trooper?

Greetings, I am a Senior at Norman County West Highschool and I am Interested in any sort of Law Enforcement. I want know what the best route for becoming a Minnesota State Trooper. My Dad has been a Minnesota State Trooper for 11 years and I’ve learned so much about his job throughout my life...

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Steele A. Oct 14, 2015 690 views

What does it take to become an athletic trainer?

I am junior in high school in Minnesota and I am very interested in being an athletic trainer. I would like to know what the best classes to take in high school would be to ready me for college, if it's an easy job to get an occupation in, and what the pay is if I could make a decent amount of...

#sports #athletics

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Student Voices by CV .. Oct 15, 2015 1515 views

Is it common to switch majors in college several times? How many times did you change yours?

This question was asked by a young lady in Southern California who is undecided on her major. She is currently applying to college, but she fears not graduating on time as a product of entering college without a predetermined course of study. #college-major #college-admissions #major #majors...

#undecided #college-majors #choosing-a-major

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Nick K. Oct 21, 2015 833 views

What is the best field to work in for income, and not much college

I wanna make some good money but dont know if college will really be my thing #college #money...


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Mason H. Oct 22, 2015 706 views

i want to work in East Texas at a place called King Ranch what degree would i have to work at King Ranch?

King Ranch is a lot with of 825,000 acres i want to work and be a guide for the fishing and hunting trips i need to know what degree and what college in Texas i need to go to get this job. #fishing...


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Rylan B. Oct 22, 2015 1066 views

What is the salary of an Electrical Engineer Hourly,monthly,yearly?

Hi im in 6th grade and want to know the salary of an electrical engineer #tech...


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Luke S. Oct 23, 2015 1053 views

What does a private detective do on a daily basis?

I am in 6th grade and I would like to be a private detective when I grow up. Any help would be appreciated, thank you! #police #police-officer #detective...


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Montana G. Oct 23, 2015 822 views

As a detective would I have to go through different stages in law enforcement?

My name is Montana Goodman and I am looking into being a detective. I was told that if you wanted to be a detective you would have to be an officer of some sort. I am not really that sure if it's true or not? #law...


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Amariah F. Oct 24, 2015 783 views

Do you get a good pay for being a pediatrician ?

I am interested in being a doctor in the pediatrician field. #doctor...


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Garrett A. Oct 26, 2015 1641 views

Best high school to play football if I want to go pro?

I like to play football but I don't know if its right for me any suggestions on any high schools for football?...