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Las Vegas, Nevada

Within 40 mile radius
Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Jan 24 255 views

Im a new freshman in Vegas, I'm currently taking Principles of Health Science. We have only very few medical elective options that we can take. We have Medical Assistant and Community Health Science. I wanna be a PT, so what other courses should I take as an option and career building course?

14 year old freshman. never have never had experiences with anatomy or anything medical. im also still unsure about my career path but im planning on PT or anything medical.

paris’s Avatar
paris Jan 10 747 views

First Job!

How do you Create a Resume if you have no experience with a job or a experience with anything in the workforce?

Jaylin’s Avatar
Jaylin Dec 26, 2023 586 views

I am in the 10th grade, I'm majoring in the medical professions field in high school.

I am in the 10th grade, I'm majoring in the medical professions field in highschool, I'm at a 2.6 GPA, taking 3 AP classes and 1 honor class. What is some advice you could give me to improve my GPA? In the future, I strive to be a neurosurgeon but I'm afraid my grades are going to prevent me...

Joyce’s Avatar
Joyce Dec 25, 2023 345 views

How can I be successful in my career?

I need help

Jaenah’s Avatar
Jaenah Dec 15, 2023 173 views

How do you pass AP Chemistry with a relatively good grade?

Tips on school

Rhyian’s Avatar
Rhyian Nov 17, 2023 216 views

Does choosing a certain major lesson your chances of admission?

I wrote my personal statement on neuroscience, but I applied as a Philosophy major to UNLV. UNLV doesn't have a Neuroscience major, but they have it as a minor. Did I lesson my chance of admission to UNLV because of my personal statement and major choice?

alora’s Avatar
alora Nov 16, 2023 253 views

How do I become certified for EKG Technician?

I was wondering how I ca get certified for an EKG Technician I really would like this job but there isn't much of an option where I live for schooling. What is a good school to look in to?

Malishia’s Avatar
Malishia Nov 01, 2023 113 views

What do I do If I want to start researching the career I want to do when I get older?

I am in 8th grade about to go to 9th.

I want to be a WNBA Basketball player.

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Sep 25, 2023 182 views

I have all these questions, can you help me?

Why is it important to not use the exact same words on your resume, especially for different jobs you're applying to? and what would be the best way to keep searching for jobs after not getting hired for the first few times? What are some things to remember when being approached by an issue...

Rhyian’s Avatar
Rhyian Sep 21, 2023 282 views

What is the difference between a college major and minor?

I'm considering universities and I was sure I wanted to major in neuroscience, but one of my desired schools only has a neuroscience minor. I'm not sure what the differences are and how having a minor versus major degree will affect my career options.

Rhyian’s Avatar
Rhyian Sep 08, 2023 305 views

Can I take both a pre-med and pre-vet track?

I was leaning towards pre-med in the beginning, but now I'm interested in being a veterinarian. I saw someone on social media doing both, but I didn't know that was possible.

Edit: I know I want to be a neuroscience major.

stef’s Avatar
stef Aug 27, 2023 391 views

What is the best way to get a scholarship Any tips or tricks? ?

Any tips or tricks? I am going into biology and will be moving onto veterinarian after that

Marley’s Avatar
Marley Aug 22, 2023 217 views

How can you struggle with a subject in school but what you want to pursue in the future requires a subject you don’t understand or your not good at?

How can i become a realtor in the future but also have trouble with the required mathematic knowledge that you have to have in order to be in the real estate market.

Inaaya’s Avatar
Inaaya Aug 18, 2023 214 views

What should I start doing for a better chance at the career of my choice?

I want to be something of a software engineer.

Rhyian’s Avatar
Rhyian Aug 05, 2023 111 views

What do I put for activity description for hospice?

My mother was on hospice for a year and I was her caretaker. I fed, bathed, gave medication and assisted with the bathroom. Do I list it on college applications just like that or reword it?

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