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Racheal B.’s Avatar
Racheal B. Nov 20 31 views

Scholarships and Study methods for incoming Law students

Hello, my name is Racheal and I'm 16. I'm an early graduate and I just want fro more understanding of incoming college life. I want to be able to be independent and pay for college myself since I know my family can't. Please help me out I know it's a simple question but everyone studies...

#law #college #business #colleges #criminal-justice

Charlene T.’s Avatar
Charlene T. Aug 13, 2018 230 views

How do I get into the focus mindset?

I find myself trying to to stay focus but if I do too much I drain myself mentally and if I don't do it enough I find myself getting too distracted. Are they any tips? #help #focus #school...


Ralph P.’s Avatar
Ralph P. May 22, 2018 405 views

Which math is the most helpful in the field of Computer Science

I am planning on attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) as a freshman this fall to study Computer Science and when reviewing course requirements, I saw that there was an open spot for math meaning I could fill it with any math of my choice. Other required math courses were Probability...

#wpi #appdeveloper #college #math #cyber-security #cybersecurity #computerscience

Mackenzie Z.’s Avatar
Mackenzie Z. Jan 14, 2018 319 views

What are the perks to being a language teacher? Art teacher? Social studies teacher?

I know I want to be a high school teacher,but I am just trying to figure out what to specialize in. I love art, but I also love french, and history and sociology are super interesting. #art #teaching #language-teaching #teach-history...


alejandro C.’s Avatar
alejandro C. Aug 24, 2018 252 views
sam S.’s Avatar
sam S. Oct 24 53 views

Structural Engineering and Automotive industry

Hello , I'm in my first year studying civil and structural engineering and I'm interested in automotive industry so I want to know if the structural engineers is needed in this field and if so , what are the essentials I need to have ? #structural-engineering #cars...


Maria Victoria A.’s Avatar
Maria Victoria A. Jan 19, 2018 362 views

How can I make others listen?

I feel like I am ignored, even when what I say is beneficial for progress. I'm sometimes passive, in fear of judgement or in an attempt to help others speak their mind so no disagreements arise. I want others to listen to what I have to say with as much respect as I give to them. I feel like...

#social-skills #workplace #listening #listening-skills #productivity

Patrick M.’s Avatar
Patrick M. Aug 22, 2018 248 views

What are the fastest ways to make money for college?

Whether it's scholarships, or grants or a form of profit, please list down how or the specific name. #money #income...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Jan 15, 2018 322 views

How long would it take to become a pediatrician?

I am going to study at my home town and hopefully work here as well. But I’m afraid of what I can do while going to college since it will cause me to start my life much later. #medicine...


anu P.’s Avatar
anu P. Mar 12, 2019 2642 views
Ashley N.’s Avatar
Ashley N. Mar 27, 2018 189 views

What are good majors for students with medical aspirations?

I'm currently considering biochemistry, psychology, and sociology, but I don't know which majors are the best for medical aspirations. #majors #college #college-major...


Mackenzie Z.’s Avatar
Mackenzie Z. Jan 14, 2018 272 views

Is it better to be an elementary teacher or high school teacher?

I love young kids, and if I were an art teacher, I would get to see kids exploring art for the first time. If I as a high school teacher, however, I would get to see a student for from 0 to 100 in their progress as a growing artist. #art-teacher #educators...


Abby L.’s Avatar
Abby L. Jan 15, 2018 300 views

What kind of grades do you need to become a doctor?

What kind of grades do you need to get in high school / first 4 years of college in order to become a doctor? #medicine #pediatrician #healthcare...


alejandro C.’s Avatar
alejandro C. Aug 24, 2018 220 views
Jennifer C.’s Avatar
Jennifer C. Aug 31, 2018 188 views

I have heard that medical school is the toughest four years of a future physician. What tips can be given to someone who is aspiring to go in that field? How should time be managed which doing the internship at the hospitals and studying for your classes?

I want to become a cardiothoracic surgeon however I am unsure what path to take. Should I just simply go to college and apply for as many scholarships as possible to pay it off or should I join the Airforce or Navy? #surgeon #doctor #military...


Rhealyn M.’s Avatar
Rhealyn M. May 30, 2018 242 views

What is the best way to graduate college debt free?

How can I graduate college debt free without overworking myself? #debtfree #college...


Vidhi K.’s Avatar
Vidhi K. Aug 31 77 views

Can I finish my Graduate at an Ivy league after attending ASU online

I am getting my bachelor of software engineering from ASU. But I am still planning to finish my PhD in an ivy league such as Havard or Carnegie Mellon. Can someone tell me if these will accept my degree as a valid one? #computerscience #college #ivyleague #havard #asu...


Tyson M.’s Avatar
Tyson M. Jul 29 90 views

When going into the nursing field what can be the most difficult thing you face

I’m a very #outgoing person I would love to find a #internship program to go into maybe even for #human-resources since I do so great speaking to people I have a high interest in helping people as well which is why I thought to go into...


keyona G.’s Avatar
keyona G. Jul 30 111 views

How do you feel that the BA of Accounting that I receive will better the country and international ones in terms of economical problems.

I think that getiing people to understand what it is that they have and during this time of the world were financial times are hard and many of the optional educationally and monetary so that they can have stability and survival in theses hard times and have some form of preservation...

#business #career

Devin F.’s Avatar
Devin F. Jan 20, 2018 264 views

What is the best way to manage your time?

I'm not great at time management and I need tips on juggling class, studying, and working while in college while maintaining my sanity....


Isabel C.’s Avatar
Isabel C. Jan 03, 2018 344 views

What should I major in? What courses should I take?

Hello, I'm a junior in high school. I want to work for homeland security. I want to be an Appeals Officer, but I don't know what courses/major. #college #college-bound #college-major #government...


Calvert H.’s Avatar
Calvert H. Apr 27, 2018 334 views

What is the hardest part to being a structural engineer?

I am going into civil engineering for college next year, and I hope to focus on structural engineering. I honestly have no idea of the difficulties involved in the career, but I enjoy seeing how building and structures deal with live load and dead load. #civil-engineering...


Vidhi K.’s Avatar
Vidhi K. Jun 09 310 views

I am a high School Grad. Please help me select my college

I just graduated from high school. I am planning to attend an online university because I don't want to waste my years waiting for the pandemic to be over. Can someone suggest me which online university is the best for Computer science? Is the degree worth it that I can get a job after I...

#distanceeducation #college-major #college #covid19

Ashley N.’s Avatar
Ashley N. Mar 19 181 views

How can I find a health-related internship for this summer?

I was planning to stay on campus this summer and do research, but due to COVID-19, my research program has been cancelled. I’ll now be spending my summer at home (in Las Vegas). I’m really struggling to find pre-med or health-related internships in Las Vegas and was looking for some assistance...

#health-care #covid-19 #internship #premed

Arielle O.’s Avatar
Arielle O. May 16, 2016 691 views

What is the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacist technician?

I want to know what the differences are regarding these two. Salary and work difference. #pharmacy #pharmacist...


Jeron S.’s Avatar
Jeron S. Aug 25, 2018 186 views

What's the best site to use to acquire many scholarships for college?

I'm an international student and I'm in dire need of scholarships and would love if someone could recommend some sites that would allow my need to be fulfilled. #university #scholarships #international...


Kristy D.’s Avatar
Kristy D. Jan 28 95 views

What the daily routine as a medical assistant in a er

#healthcare #medical im fresh into the medical field as a medical assistant and was just wondering what its really like to have the full experience...


Melissa M.’s Avatar
Melissa M. Mar 05, 2018 216 views

What is the best strategy for excelling in online college?

I am returning to college for the first time after 20 years. I am pursuing a BA in Computer Software Development. This is the first time taking online courses. I am nervous and would like to know any tricks to making sure I succeed. #online-college #success-strategy...


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