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As a computer science major what is your career and what are some of your responsibilities?

Asked Fort Collins, Colorado

I would like to get an understanding of the career possibilities for a computer science major. #computer-science #career

8 answers

Aaron’s Answer

Updated Foxborough, Massachusetts

Great question! A computer science major will have all kinds of opportunities to work with new and innovative software and technologies. You could find yourself working in a startup as a web/mobile programmer, a code breaker in the NSA, an engineer at Google or Apple, an analyst at a financial firm, or pretty much any corporation with IT or software based services. Computer Science (and Computer Systems Engineering) are both extremely flexible in career opportunities. They are also very high in demand in todays job market, which make them an excellent field of study choice for those interested!

Daniel’s Answer

Updated Tempe, Arizona

I studied Computer Science and it's been over 10 years since I graduated. In the course of this time I realized there are many paths one can take and it's really the individual preferences that drive it. The most common path I've encountered includes some sort of software development role potentially followed by a team-leader role, managing other software developers. Another option is to become a product manager, focusing more on product road-maps and implementation at a bit of a higher-level than daily management of software engineers. I think the most important emphasis I have experienced during the degree and after is the focus on general analytical skills and the ability to logically break-down problems and finding the right solution in a structural manner. Math skills are also a core element of the degree. Both of these areas are incredibly powerful building blocks in course of many careers - I proceeded to study Business Administration for my Masters and have gone into Management Consulting and subsequently Business Operations in a tech company (responsibilities currently include supporting product managers with operational and strategic decisions around their products, e.g. what features to prioritize and why, how consumer dynamics affect product usability, etc.). My basic math and analytical skills have served me tremendously throughout.

Jimmy’s Answer

Updated Tempe, Arizona

Like everyone else has said, there are tons of possibilities for careers with a degree in Computer Science. I am currently a Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn. My responsibilities include writing code to monitor the website to ensure that it up and performing well. The software is used by many others at LinkedIn to help monitor their portion of the site and also to help debug.

Jason’s Answer

Updated Tempe, Arizona

Majoring in Computer Science opens up a very sizable amount of career possibilities in the current industry. As a current Computer Science student I see jobs from the industry ranging from Back-end Data engineer, web developer, embedded systems developer, engineering in cryptography, UI developer, mobile apps developer, and much more. Jobs in Computer Science/Software Engineering are very high in demand in the today's market and there is large variety so there is plenty to choose from or switch to, if you discover that certain areas are not your thing.

Jen’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

A Computer Science major lets you explore a great deal of different career paths. In college I was a Help Desk intern which let me look at all the different paths I could take in the Technology Field. Currently I'm a System Support Analyst. In this role we help people out with their problems daily but also get to do various projects with other Technology groups such as System Engineering and Networking. My day to day function can vary greatly from simply answering tickets for help, to setting up a video conference meeting between 3 or more offices throughout the world, to help building out a new office.

Luke’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I started out building phone to car integration at Ford Motor Company and now work on web applications at LinkedIn. I spent two years on the payments team moving money around and handling credit card security. Now I work on news recommendations.

To echo Aarons point, Computer Science is super flexible as everything is now powered by computers. Anything that isn't yet, will be soon. So you can really do anything and everything.

Vinod’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

As a computer science major there is a big chance you are going to end up working as a Software Engineer and its variations (like a Quality Assurance Engineer i.e. Testing, UI Engineer) Now as a software engineer I work on writing code to create new software that is sold by my company. My daily routine consists of writing code everyday and testing it. There are some days when I am late at work, but mostly I work about 8-9 hours a day. As a software engineer, you are not only involved in coding, but planning around timelines for different projects. Working as a software engineer is fun if you like coding.

Ravi’s Answer

Updated Tempe, Arizona

A computer science major can land you up with a job in diverse fields. You can become a programmer for a web company, a data scientist, a web developer, a business analyst, a financial analyst and what not. As others have mentioned it is very flexible. Almost every field is computerized and majoring in Computer science will give you the opportunity to pick and choose whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go. You just need to figure out what you like and then you can pursue the job opportunities in that field once you graduate.