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How do you know what major to sign up for? What if I change my mind? How does the major thing work exactly??

I want to be an interior designer.i want to own my own company as well. So do I major in business or something to do with art?? #professor #counselor

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Marquell’s Answer

Hi Brooke,

Great question. Your freshman year will be full of basic core classes that you will need to pass before you get into your major selection. Use that freshman to build your GPA and talk to the professors/dean in the business and art departments to gain a better understanding of what classes best align with your goals and what will be required of you. Hopefully this helps. It's kind of hard to say what you should choose right now. Have a great freshman year talk with your professors and use their guidance. I'd say the best scenario would be to major in art and minor in business.

Hope this helps.