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What type of things will be beneficial to me after college?

Asked Chicago, Illinois

I am asking this because I am most likely to be wondrous about the benefits of me pursuing my college goals. #knowledge #iq #optimism

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Ruxi’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Good for your to question the most travelled path ... you will hear different reasons for attending or not attending a college; I chose to do so and wondered around until I found what I was passionate about: Psychology. I chose to go to college because I was the first one in my family to do so, because I wanted to have a different career than my parents and I felt that it would open new doors to me. I do feel like it is a baseline for the career I chose (business world); however I didn't feel like I learned a lot. I did and still do a LOT of learning on my own! I love learning! And this is my advice to you: choose learning and choose what lights you up. And know that choices may also be hard to carry on with ... keep on going and look for more inspiration. Good luck!