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To be a product manager, do you have to know some basic CS skills?

Asked Danville, California

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Tadeusz’s Answer


I like it this quote:

“You are kind of the mini-CEO – with all of the responsibility…but without any of the authority.”


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Daniel’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Depends *heavily* on the company. Some companies basically require a CS or similar degree (math, other engineering) and some basic understanding of relevant bits of CS. Other companies, you can get a PM job with essentially zero background.

So no, you don't *need* to have some basic CS skills, but it would be very helpful, and for some companies it'd be required.

Jerin’s Answer

Updated Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dear Reva,

Being a product manager may or may not require CS Skills depending on the company and the team . But to be really successful in what you are doing there has to be some amount of CS Skills, most good Product Managers I have met were previously Software Developers. The job also becomes interesting and you know what the developers or architect is talking about when you have CS skills and experience , otherwise you will be blank when they talk about technical difficulties to achieve something.

Hope this helps.

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Tanvir’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

It depends on how the product interacts with end users. Do you have to manage the software/drivers too to ensure the product is functioning as it should and being targeted to the right audience? Then CS skills may be required. Most of the time I find having general ideas on IT hardware and working with a mentor/colleague is the best way to transition to a PM role. Industry experience and knowledge of CS skills are added bonus.