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How can I choose my ideal jobs when I found that many skills I do not have

I have graduated from the college last year and right after I have went to South Korea to study korean for 1 year. My major is Asian and International Studies and I am interested in finding jobs which is related to cultural, entertainment, and social media. However, I am not sure how can I present myself as s career college uitable candidate

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5 answers

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Jonathan’s Answer

Hi Suki,

I had similar experience as I took a gap year after college to go to Japan. I had some interesting part-time jobs and eventually went on to graduate school and got my first professional job in Japan. If you believe you are a decent writer I would suggest the following:

Jonathan recommends the following next steps:

There are lots of interests around the world about South Korean culture and destinations. Start a blog documenting your travel, experiences, and thoughts. There is a big audience out there wanting to know more.
Don't overlook part-time jobs. They will create new experiences that could leads to other opportunites.
Take care the tone of your blogs are not too judgemental. Create positive and interesting vibe in your writing.
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Simeon’s Answer

In general, I would research jobs (in the US, go to the department of labor's website ( and see which fields are growing quickly these days. If you're drawing a blank on what you'd like to do, see if any of the fast growing fields call out to you. This will give you a lot more structure than trying to get a vague sense of your passions and trying to brainstorm a way to turn it into money. Most people don't have a passion that they are aware of right away. Also, passions tend to change from season to season. Lastly, look at videos on YouTube of people in their careers talking about what they love and hate. See if any of their descriptions sound like a good fit for you. It's just as important to figure out if you can deal with the downsides of a job as it is to figure out what you'd love about a job.
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Amy’s Answer

안녕하십니까 , Suki:

I highly suggest first identifying all transferrable, soft, and hard skills (see two links below) that you have and then notating your level of expertise by each.

Levels of expertise from lowest (1) to highest (5):
1 - Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)
2 - Novice (limited experience)
3 - Intermediate (practical application)
4 - Advanced (applied theory)
5 - Expert (recognized authority)

Once you have completed this extensive list, you will have a much clearer picture of what career paths are available to you. I can personally tell you as someone who works in the International Business market, that a bi-lingual skill is an incredible asset to have.

Also, just out of college, I recommend giving yourself the freedom to not worry about "landing" the perfect job right away. Instead, I suggest looking for job opportunities that will strengthen your skills and also provide you with actual business experience.

(Links to aid you:)


Amy recommends the following next steps:

Identify all transferrable, soft, and hard skills (see two links from answer/message) that you have
Notate/ rate your level of expertise by each identified skill.
Enjoy the journey to finding your career path.

Thanks Amy! The list of skills really helps me to figure out what do I have first ! suki Y.

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Valeria’s Answer

Hi there! This is a great question that I feel many struggle with right out of college. I think it might be useful to start by creating a list of skills you DO excel at (whether big or small). This will generate an idea of what your strengths might be when applying to jobs! On the list, you might also want to include things you're passionate about to help narrow the type of career your looking for. In your case, focus on- what specific aspects of culture, entertainment, & social media excites you to want to seek a career from it.
Additionally, your resume is an important key! Focus on creating a resume that emphasizes your strengths based on previous experience. If you have no prior experience- it might be helpful to start by looking for internship/volunteer opportunities that can strengthen your knowledge about the field you are interested in.
Finally, I suggest networking!! Finding people that are doing what you love (or are interested in) is a great way to get helpful advice and for opportunities to arise! Platforms such as LinkedIn (or HERE!) can be a great place to start.

You have acquired so many skills by obtaining your degree, now you just have to figure out how to apply those skills!! You can do it!

Thanks Valeria ! suki Y.

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Heather’s Answer

Hi Suki! That is a great question, and something that I thought about a lot especially right out of college. First, just want you to know that you are not alone in this search :)

Second, that is wonderful that you are multi-lingual and the experience abroad will take you very far. As many companies are becoming more and more global, they are looking for people with global perspectives. That said, I recommend highlighting your ability to empathize with different cultures, your brave ability to dive deep into new cultures + environments, and how you were able to build a network (or social media presence) while you were abroad to a diverse community.

In addition, I highly recommend the 'What Color is Your Parachute' book ( that can help you identify your core skills -- what gives you energy, joy, and excitement. It is a book I used right out of college, and it helped me land my dream job!

Thank Heather! Hope that I can find my dream job as you do ;) suki Y.