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Amy Harkins Byers

Executive Vice President
Management Occupations - Personal Care and Service Occupations
Wilmington, North Carolina
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Olivia Apr 16, 2020 1074 views

How do you appropriately address a cover letter if you cannot find a specific individual?

#cover-letter #writing #resume

Sukritta(Fronce)’s Avatar
Sukritta(Fronce) Apr 15, 2020 567 views

What to prepare before being a travel agent

Hello I am Fronce. I am a 2nd year university at Capilano. I am currently taking tourism program which covers all of the 12 sectors of tourism. I’d like to learn and gain more knowledge to strengthen my program. #college #university #travel

Amulya’s Avatar
Amulya Apr 15, 2020 1364 views

What led you to go down your career path? How did you know what subjects you wanted to major in?

#undecided #career #college-major #major #college-major #professional #pleasehelp

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Hoor Apr 14, 2020 1032 views

I'm still a student but I'm interested in marketing and I hope you advise me on how can I start in this field and which kind of books or articles I should read? , because I wanna graduate with sufficient skills and experience to find a good job


suki’s Avatar
suki Apr 13, 2020 702 views

How can I choose my ideal jobs when I found that many skills I do not have

I have graduated from the college last year and right after I have went to South Korea to study korean for 1 year. My major is Asian and International Studies and I am interested in finding jobs which is related to cultural, entertainment, and social media. However, I am not sure how can I...