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suki Oct 05, 2020 812 views

How to construct a schedule while working for a full-time job and self-advancement at the same time

Hi Everyone:)) Good to tell you that I got offer as a temporary clerk so that I can afford myself a lunch now :) However, as the contract will be ended after 3months.Right now I am quite anxious to find the next stage to move on, I am planning to work on my Korean and other self-advancement...

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suki Jun 13, 2020 1072 views

How to read a book effectively if you don’t know the language well?

Hi! I have learned English for about 10years but still can’t manage myself to read a English book faster and effectively. Can someone tell me how you build up your vocabulary enough to read a book effectively. #books #english #language

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suki Jun 02, 2020 989 views

How to conduct my self routine during quarantine?

Hi :) To begin with, I have finished 1year of Korean studies in South Korea after my graduation from college. In fact I would like to start to develop career whatever what kind of experience it is, I want to learn. Yet, I am suffering from depression after I come back to home and right now to...

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suki Apr 13, 2020 702 views

How can I choose my ideal jobs when I found that many skills I do not have

I have graduated from the college last year and right after I have went to South Korea to study korean for 1 year. My major is Asian and International Studies and I am interested in finding jobs which is related to cultural, entertainment, and social media. However, I am not sure how can I...