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Is there a personality difference between PA's and DNP's and if so, should I consider this when making a career choice?

I understand that PA's tend to be task oriented, check it off the list, get it done and move on type of personalities vs nurses who might have a similar job description, but tend to be more compassionate and nurturing. I definitely tend to lean towards the PA type but my college of choice does not have a PA school. Therefore, should I consider nursing school instead? nursing physician hospital-and-health-care hospital medicine college

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Rehana’s Answer

This is hard to answer considering you cannot put a group of professionals in the same pool and make a claim that one is easy going and the other one is tough. It's based on the individual and how they see their role either as a job or a career which, portrays their passion for their position. Both types of clinicians are patient-driven however, both take different paths to get where they need to get via academically. Some practices prefer to work with only NPs or just PAs, while others hire both NPs and PAs. As a healthcare recruiter, I work with both NP's and PA's and are an amazing group of people. When you talk about a DNP this is another story. DNP's are research/academic teaching focus who continue to be involved clinically, which is completely different than a PA who is just clinically driven and for most parts work in an outpatient setting or surgical roles. I hope this answer your question. Good luck to you and wish you the best.