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What branches of forensic science have the most job opportunities? What branches have the least?

I'm considering going to college for a forensics degree, but I'm not sure about what branch I'd like to go into. I've thought about forensic chemistry and psychology, but I'm still not sure. Which branch would be the easiest to find a job in? #forensic #forensic-psychology

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Valerie’s Answer


This is a complex question. First I would say that as a universal field Forensics is a growing field. If you choose to specialize, I would do a little research. Look at some of the job hubs such as indeed.com or careerbuilder.com as see what is posted. Another resource I would use is LinkedIn. there are many professionals from around the country that would let you know what is available in their areas, and maybe even open up some visitation or conversations for information. Ultimately you need to think about what you are most interested in and what will make you enjoy the path you are starting on.