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What is it like being a psychologist, and is it very time consuming?

Asked Compton, California

I am a high senior who wants to become a psychologist to help anyone i can and I love to help people in that way. #psychology #therapists

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Archana’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Very interesting question.

A psychologist is a professional who evaluates and studies behavior and mental processes (see also psychology). Typically, psychologists must have completed a university degree in psychology, which is a master's degree in some countries and a doctorate in others (e.g., United States, Canada and United Kingdom).

So, in terms of getting ready to be a psychologist, it takes a few years of preparation for sure :)

Practicing psychologists have the professional training and clinical skills to help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health. So, it is a very fulfilling work if that is the type of work you love.

If you are someone who is very fascinated by human behavior and studies around it, you would surely enjoy the years you work towards becoming one and of course, once you are there, it can be very satisfying; especially if you are doing what you love to do.

I found this interesting information on the website of Capella university -


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