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Where is the best place for a forensic psychologist to search for a career?

Asked Irvine, California

I live in a small town in Kentucky but my ultimate goal is to move to Florida, I just wanna know if that's a good idea. #forensics #forensic-psychology

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A. Wallace’s Answer


Hi Nathaniel

Well most forensic psychologists work in the courts and/or jails. Some others work in State Hospitals, Individuals experienced in this type of psychology often have private consulting practices. Unfortunately, there are plenty of jails in every state and I'm sure that Florida is no exception..

To get more information on Florida forensic psychology positions you could google to see the names of psychologists who work at Florida prisons and give a call, or send an email, to one of them to try and get a dialogue going so you have more information about this. You could also google the APA Monitor (a monthly psychology magazine) which lists psychology positions state by state, and see what type of forensic psychology jobs are advertised there.

Also, the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC, has a Division of Forensic Psychology. You might want to call the national office in Washington and ask for the name of the contact person for this division, and then give him or her a call, or email, to seek more information.

Best of luck!

Dr. Deckel Professor of Psychiatry, Retired University of Connecticut Health Center